Webinar highlighting Prince George’s new policy for bike/ped facilities

Please note updated webinar link!

We are pleased to have Prince George’s Councilman Eric Olson and his chief of staff Dannielle Glaros discuss the new legislation for adequate public pedestrian and bikeway facilities within a half mile of new development. Fred Shaffer, Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission Planning Coordinator will then discuss implementation of this policy and how it will work with the county Complete Streets policy and Approved Countywide Master Plan of Transportation.

We will then provide update on the new federal transportation bill and how it affects Safe Routes to School funding. There will be time for brief updates on Safe Routes to School programs in the region. This is the second of four webinars in 2012.

Greater Washington Network July Webinar

Date: July 25, 2012
Time: 2-3 p.m. ET
Webinar Link UPDATED: https://saferoutespartnership.ilinc.com/join/xczyfvr
Phone number for audio (toll free): 866-394-4146
Passcode for audio: 111948544

New subdivision code promotes walking and bicycling in Prince George’s County
Update on changes to federal funding for Safe Routes to School
Learn from the others in the region with Safe Routes to School program updates

Communities should take advantage of all opportunities to routinely include bicycle and pedestrian facilities. In Prince George’s County, Councilmember Eric Olson championed legislation for adequate public pedestrian and bikeway facilities. The legislation empowers the Planning Board to ensure the adequacy of non-motorized multi-modal transportation facilities. The policy requires the clarification of the Complete Streets principals and policies in the 2009 Approved Countywide Master Plan of Transportation.  Planning Coordinator Fred Shaffer will be leading the process to write implementation guidelines bringing the new legislation, the Complete Streets policy and Countywide Master Plan together.

The new transportation bill changes the federally funded Safe Routes to School program. States will still have current money to spend down, but after those funds are spent, it is the State’s decision to fund Safe Routes to School and other walking and bicycling projects. A new grant program will be created at the MPO level. For the Greater Washington region, this new grant will be through the National Capital Area Transportation Planning Board. The new grant is not dedicated only to Safe Routes to School, walking and bicycling and how the grant process is set up will be important.

Finally, it great to hear stories from other Safe Routes to School programs and learn from our colleagues in the region. We will close the webinar with program updates.

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