New policies for bicycling and walking webinar presenations

In case you missed, our Prince George’s County speakers have made their webinar presentation available.
Prince George’s Council Member Eric Olson and Trails Coordinator Fred Shaffer shared with us how they are addressing the need for pedestrians and bicyclist to access new development. The new policy, that is within the subdivision code, allows the Planning Board to require developers to build bicycle and pedestrian facilities in existing right-of-way within a half-mile of their development. As Mr. Olson noted, we have public facilities requirements for cars and now bicyclists and pedestrians are treated in the same manner. The policy does have a provision to cap expenses for the developer which makes the costs predictable. The policy was adopted unanimously.

During our Safe Routes to School program updates, Jeff Anderson who is a parent from Wolftrap Elementary School discussed the Vienna Bike/Walk Challenge. Details of the challenge were reported in the Vienna Patch. I think it is great to see a local paper covering the event! Jaime Fearer, community planner with the City of Greenbelt also gave us an update on Springhill Elementary School. The school will have a new crosswalk, bump-outs and medians funded by state Safe Routes to School funds. Look for those improvements soon!

Please see my previous post for the information presented on the changes to the federal Safe Routes to School funding program.

Thanks to all that attended the webinar! If you are not receiving webinar announcements, please contact Christine Green to be added to the list.

Prince George’s County Adequate Pedestrian and Bike Facilities Policy

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