Get Ready to Win in May!

We’re going to let you in on a secret. We ran the numbers from last year, and schools in the Greater Washington D.C. region have a great chance of winning a May 1-30 Fire Up Your Feet Spring Activity Challenge award.

The Fire Up Your Feet Program helps encourage families, students and schools to work together and create active lifestyles which inspire our children to be healthy and physically active. You can easily register on the Fire Up Your Feet, track your physical activity and earn awards.

Here are some ideas to help you tip the balance in your favor this spring.

  1. Ask five friends to sign up. Check out this video interview with Shonda Mosby, PTA President and Fire Up Your Feet Champion from Ardenwood Elementary School, who explains her strategy for getting families to register, participate and help win a $1,000 Challenge Award for their school last fall.
  2. Set up a Fire Up Your Feet signup table after school where families can easily sign up.
  3. Does your school have a walking school bus or group of families who already walk or bicycle to school? Send an email to families in your group or neighborhood letting them know about Fire Up Your Feet and your school’s good chances of winning an award.Get just 5 or 10 more families at your school to do the same, and your school could take home an award this spring. Even better, our new Coordinator Toolkit and Spanish materials make district or community participation a snap!

Now that we’ve let the cat out of the bag, make this secret be known throughout your school. Getting just a few more families to register today could easily mean victory for your school tomorrow.

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