An Update on our Regional Network Efforts in Greater Washington, DC

Dear Partners in the Greater Washington DC Region:

Happy New Year! We wanted to share an update regarding our staff working in the Greater Washington DC Region. We are excited to announce that Bill Sadler, our regional policy manager in the Greater Washington, DC region, will be transitioning back to Southern California to fill our vacant regional policy manager position there. We hired Bill in September 2014, and while he readily jumped in to the work in the DC region with both feet, part of him desired to work in Southern California. Given Bill’s strong skill set and transportation knowledge base, we have made the decision to transition him back to Southern California, effective February 2.

Meanwhile, this transition opened up an opportunity in the Greater Washington DC region and as circumstances would have it, our federal policy manager, Matt Colvin, was facing the end of funding for his current position. We felt that his strong policy experience would serve him well as regional policy manager and so he will take on the regional work, effective January 20.
Matt’s full bio can be viewed here.

We are very enthusiastic about the restructured regional policy team, and we are anticipating a busy but effective year in 2015!

Questions? Contact Stephanie Weber, Regional Network Manager, at or (757) 871-8639

Bill Sadler, or 847-732-4007
Matthew Colvin, or (202) 847-0240

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