StreetsCamp Recap

StreetscampSafe Routes to School National Partnership staff Matthew Colvin and Keith Benjamin presented this week on regional success and equity in the Safe Routes to School Movement at Washington D.C.’s StreetsCamp, hosted by the Coalition for Smarter Growth.

The one day event, which focused on giving citizens the tools they need to become stronger advocates for safer streets, walking and bicycling infrastructure, and greater access to transit, was a great success, drawing about 100 attendees to Georgetown School of Continuing Studies in Washington, DC.

Greater Washington D.C. Policy Manager, Matthew Colvin, spoke with attendees about the Safe Routes to School movement and models for creating successful Safe Routes to School campaigns in the region, and Street Scale Campaign Manager Keith Benjamin shared stories from Baltimore, Missouri, Texas, and the Washington D.C. Region demonstrating how change is too-often needed and can be achieved through an intentional focus on equitable transportation infrastructure and programming.

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership was proud to be a partner in this new conference, and we thank the Coalition for Smarter Growth and all of their other partners for bringing together this exciting new tool for the Washington D.C. region.

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